Garand/Springfield Match



Note:  This is a 60 round total match.


Time: The first relay will begin at 9:00am. Registration will begin at 7:45am.


Competition open to:  Open invitation.  


Rules:  This is a club match but current CMP rules will apply.


Fee:  $10:00

Equipment:  Any of the following rifles in safe operating condition. M1 Garand, M1 carbine, 1941 Johnson, Springfield 1903, A3 , Krag and U.S. Model 1917. All rifles must be in original “as issued” condition. Eye and ear protection mandatory.


Course of Fire:   This will consist of 2 matches which will be a John Garand match and a Springfield bolt match to be fired for a total of 60 rounds plus sighters at 100 yards. The Garand match will be fired first followed by the Springfield match.  All stages will be fired on the  SR1 target.


There will be a 10 minute sighting in period before each match.

Stage 1 – Prone, slow fire, 10 record shots 10 minutes.

Stage 2 – Prone from standing rapid fire, 10 shots, 70 seconds.

Stage 3 – Standing, slow fire, 10 shots, 10 minutes.

Ammunition:  Competitors use their own. There will not be any extra ammo available for sale at the range.

For more information, contact: Gib Moyer at  or call 814-355-0547