A day moving fish!


On Monday, June 10th, 2002, a team from the PA Fish and Boat Commission's Cooperative Nursery Unit (CNU) was at the Club to net remaining fish from the pond to get ready for delivery of more that 4,000 fingerlings (baby trout!). The work party consisted of Cecil Houser, head of the CNU, with two of his team, Dave McKinley and Steve Archer, along with Bud Amrhein, George Morrow, Jim Thompson and his boys, club president Walt Lysinger, and many others whose names there wasn't time to collect. But all of the help was appreciated, and on behalf of Bellwood Sportsmen and the CNU, thanks.

Early in the exercise the seine (net) got entangled on a drain valve in the water, and was getting to be a frustration. The person with the least common sense went in the "crystal waters" to free the net. That went fine, except he forgot to take off his databank watch, and now has no phone numbers wrapped around his wrist.

Cecil took some great pictures, and these are shared below:


The seine team ready to go -


Seems to be caught on something! -


Time out; Walt needs a bath! -


Now we're making progress! -


And here are some fish! -

The mature fish removed were capable of consuming a significant number of their younger brethern when they arrive. Now these "cannibals" are in the nearby stream, being fervently sought by every angler who saw or heard of them.

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