1942 Russian Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30 caliber 7.62x54R Russian (top), and 1948 Yugoslavian Mauser Model 48A caliber 7.9x57 Mauser (bottom) are representative military surplus rifles.

Enemy at the Gates, Saturday May 15th 2004 and October 9th, 2004

The Bellwood Sportsmenís Association will once again host this fun and interesting competition. The range is located on Route 865 North, between Bellwood and the reservoir. For directions, call the Club caretaker at (814) 742-9891.

This is a 50 shot match, 10 shots in ten minutes slow fire standing, 10 shots in 70 seconds timed fire sitting, 10 shots in 80 seconds timed fire prone, and 20 shots in 20 minutes slow fire prone, all shot at 100 yards using NRA-style targets. Maximum possible score is 500.

Shooters may use any model as-issued, unmodified military configuration Mosin-Nagant bolt-action rifle, caliber 7.62x54 Russian caliber, or any as-issued, unmodified military configuration Mauser bolt-action rifle of any model or centerfire caliber or country of issue, as long as issue iron sights are used. Clip reloading will probably be necessary for timed events. Military surplus or commercial or reloaded ammunition is allowed. Competition equipment may be used.

The match entry fee is $10.00. Registration begins at 8:00 am ; match begins at 9:00 am. There are 20 shooting points per relay, with overhead cover. Match will be held rain or shine. A range master will conduct the shooting and the handling of weapons at the firing line. SAFETY is the first concern, and FUN is the second. This is a fun match only! For further information call Gib Moyer, at (814) 355-0547 or via e-mail to All safety conscious and interested shooters are invited.