Military Bolt Rifle Match

Course of Fire:  50 shots at 100 yards at the SR1 , SR21 and MR31 targets. The standard NRA course reduced to 100 yards of fire will be used.  All competition equipment can and should be used for this match. The only thing that will be different are the rifles used. They must be “as issued” military bolt rifles. This will be similar to the standard NMC match.

10 shots offhand slow fire single loaded at SR1 target.                 10 minutes

10 shots rapid fire sitting at SR 1 target                                           2 minutes

10 shots rapid prone at SR21 target                                                  2 minutes

20 shots slow fire prone single loaded at MR31 target                20 minutes


Equipment:  Any of the following rifles in safe operating condition.   Any military bolt rifle of any nation as issued. This would include British Enfield, Carcanos, Lebels, Krags, Arisakas, Springfields 1903, 1903A3, Model 1917 U.S. Enfield,  Mausers and Mosin-Nagant etc. All rifles must be in original as “issued” condition and be capable of holding at least 5 rounds in the magazine. Eye and ear protection is mandatory.  Registration will be at 8:00 am, and the first relay at 9:00 am.  There will be a 15 minute sighting in period from 8:45 am until 9:00 am. There will be no sighters during the match. The fee is $10.00


Contact: For questions or information please contact  Gib Moyer at For directions, call Walt at the Sportsmen’s @ 814-742-9891.