Small Bore Prone Match
May 28th, 2005

Now the results are "official", and are posted below. I am but a conduit for the posting of the results; for any explanations or clarifications, or even (Heaven forbid!) complaints, contact Gib. He can help, refer you to higher authority, or maybe even ignore you. (Just kidding).

The match began with a fairly decent day (for Central PA), but once all were committed, the rains came. Braving the elements, the shooters waded through several matches, and then went to the host club's clubhouse for a tasty and reasonably priced lunch, courtesy of Bill Yon, Jerry Hollabaugh and others. After the shooters were somewhat dried out, or at least warmed up, they waded back to the range to shoot the last match.

Here are a few views of what the participants "enjoyed".

And one more picture - the "brains" behind the affair, discussing "Rain? What rain?"


Bellwood 1600 Prone Tournament May 28, 2005


                                    Match 1           Match 2           Match 3           Match 4           Match 5



Charles Sentner            400-36x MW   399-32x (1)     399-27x (1)     400-36 MW    1598-131 MW

Thomas Rider II            400-32x (1)     396-23x           400-30x MW   399-32x           1595-117x

Mike Harpster              399-22x           399-32x MW   399-27x           400-33x (1)     1597-114 (1)

Bill Peters                     395-19x           391-23x           391-17x           399-19x           1576-78x


MW=$5.00  First (1) = $3.00



Andy Klaus                  399-29x (1)     396-27x           398-27x (1)     397-16x           1590-99x (1)

George Peters              396-25x           399-25x (1)     394-17x           399-26x (1)     1588-93x

Jeff Moyer                    396-27x           394-25x           388-12x           398-21x           1576-85x

Jack Sloan                    396-24x           392-23x           395-14x           390-17x           1573-78


 First (1) = $3.00



Nicki Harpster              391-18x           386-19x           392-22x (1)     396-22x (1)     1565-81x (1)

Dave Fischer                395-21x (1)     391-15x (1)     384-10x           386-19             1556-65x

Dave Sloan                   393-18x           380-9x             391-11x           388-13x           1552-51x 


First (1) = $3.00

 The Master & Expert were combined.

 The Sharpshooter & Marksman were combined.                                              


As always, the materials on this page other than the match results are the product of Walt on June 5th, 2005.